Yet Another Alternative to Group X

Emile “The Chest” Has a New Program at MadLab School of Fitness.

Chest is an associate coach who spends his nights jerking off to Kelly Starrett. He gets off learning about the intricacies of the shoulders, the hips, and he has a special love affair with the glutes.

And he seems to attract clients who are looking for a lighter program that’s more rehab and prevention-focussed. It’s not that they don’t come to group classes and get a ton out of sweating with a group of people, but Chest’s priority is keeping an eye on them and continuing to coach them in a smaller one-on-one-style environment even once they’ve graduated to classes.

So he has launched a new program: His students have the option of adding semi-private sessions to their normal group class membership, and so far it’s working!

“No matter how fun the community experience is, there is just no cookie cutter program out there. Clients are given a number of different exposures during the year; however, in a group setting, you are never really programming for the individual,” Chest said. “This is just fine for the general fitness enthusiast, budget-mindful student, or 9 to 5-er, who just want to get a workout in,” he added. And, of course, on the other side of the spectrum are the competitors—the bad ass athletes who attend Competitor’s Programs.

But this program – Chest’s program – is for the every day, lifestyle athletes, who never intend to compete, but who want more than generalized programming in group classes.

The semi-private experience gives people programming tailored to their development and means they don’t need to pay for one-on-one prices. Instead of paying $100 an hour for private sessions, they essentially pay $62 per session on top of their group class membership. They can choose to attend one to four semi-private sessions per week. Included in the price is a valuable individual program catered to them.

“Every client gets an assessment, reviews their goals, and commits to a program,” Chest explained. “The program is written for them based on a corrective means with the addition of personal goals.”

From there, these clients can show up during Chest’s off-hours sessions, at times when he’s committed to be there to coach a small group of one to six clients. Generally these sessions are held between noon and 3 pm, when the facility is ordinarily very quiet and there is tons of space for individual programming.

“I keep watch and assure that the movements are performed accurately and the client stays on track. The end result is a small group of clients following individualized programs to better themselves,” he said.

Like everything in the MadLab program, Chest’s new program helps the client (that goes without saying), but also the business, and the coach.

“I get to keep track of my clients’ progress, alongside creating a niche clientele,” Chest said.

And the business: “We are a training facility, not a community centre. With the off-hours sessions, the business manages to fill in these off-hours with new revenue, retains current members and attracts a new breed of client,” he added.

As for the breed of athlete, he’s not necessarily catering to the newbie. “I’ve watched veterans hit slumps…It all stems from an improper progression, lack of regression, lust for a firmer body, or that, ‘I should have a pull-up by now’ attitude,” Chest said, adding that an individual program is eventually going to get that person her first pull-up.

In short, Chest’s program is designed to help the every day athletes reach their goals. And as a bonus, it raises revenue for the coach and the business.

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