What life looks like to be OFF the Moosecock

Patty’s life is different from most affiliate owners.

While most owners are stuck doing all the coaching, the payroll, the blog and Facebook posts, including taking pictures and videos, organizing events, working through endless administrative work, and sometimes even tackling the cleaning, Patty doesn’t deal with any of this.

For one, he’s no longer on the floor coaching (although clients are often asking for him to return as a guest coach once a week which he’s considering, since he loves coaching). All he does on payroll day is sign each coach’s cheque, and he can’t remember the last time he acted as Madlab School of Fitness’ janitor.

But last night something happened that really speaks to the fact that this man is OFF the Moosecock. He was asked to edit a post that was written for him on his website.

He wasn’t able to because he wasn’t even sure how to login. He apparently has never used the new login information that was given to him six months ago for his own website.

The point is he hasn’t needed to login. His team of coaches, and his affiliate, function smoothly without him calling all the shots or micromanaging their every move.

It’s not that he isn’t still working. He spends hours upon hours working on making the MadLab Group better, to improve fitness businesses around the world, as well as the lives of his own coaches. But the reason he is able to step out of his gym and take on this new challenge is because he isn’t being held hostage by his affiliate.

Right now, his facility is being upgraded with a fresh coat of pain and new lifting platforms, among other things. His role in the process has been non-existant. This weekend his people are hosting the annual Nutts Cup competition, a competition that will raise more than $5,000 for LANYAR, a non-profit that helps inner-city children through fitness. Patty’s role: Show up, have some drinks, schmooze with the people, and make a 3-minute heart-felt speech.

Get off the Moosecock. Your lives will be better for it.Find out how here.

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