From teary-eyed emotional introductions to structure and community

Patricia Careau is the owner of LEAP High Performance in Pembroke, Ontario, which she opened in 2010.

Her niche was was coaching endurance athletes, namely cyclists and Ironmen, and she, too, was a top cyclists with her hopes set on the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games.

The idea of opening a School of Fitness had always been a dream of hers; her grand vision was to develop a coaching mentorship program.

“Our reasoning was because the quality of training and coaches around here was poor, especially for anyone involved in high performance sports, and there were so many shitty trainers and programs here it was scary,” Careau said.

Problem was she could barely keep her gym afloat, let alone develop an original program. “I was exhausted, burnt out and really looked at the numbers and knew I needed to do something or close down shop,” said Careau, who was also dealing with difficult personal issues at the time, including grieving the loss of her cycling coach.

“I was here from 5 a.m. until 9 p.m. every day, and every morning wondered how much longer I would keep banging my head against the wall,” she remembered.

At her wits ends, this is when she called MadLab.

When arrived in Vancouver for the executive program, she was at her lowest of lows. “I broke down when I introduced myself,” she said.

During that weekend, Careau saw her first glimmer of hope in a long time.

“But I was still really scared of the one-on-one fundamentals,” she said. “It reminded me a social work, a profession I had left.”

But after taking it all in, the numbers were convincing to her.

She knew what her first step had to be: one-on-one personal training.

Looking back now, Careau explained the biggest thing MadLab has done for her is to provide her with appropriate structure that reflects the philosophy she always believed in.

And for Careau, an emotional business owner, she appreciates the tight community MadLab has given her.

“Being part of this group gives me a connection to other business owners who are like-minded and want the same thing for their clients, coaches and business,” said Careau, who is a staple on the MadLab discussion forum.

In short, MadLab has made her life easier.

“I have given up a long time ago trying to re-invent the wheel. There are brighter and smarter people out there who have figured it out,” she said.

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