Self-Esteem and Sales on Day 1 of the MadLab Summit

Day 1 of the 2017 MadLab summit kicked off with a slew of experts eager to share their knowledge to a group 100 gym owners and coaches from North America, Australia and Europe.

CrossFit Haarlam men came all the way from the Netherlands

In case you didn’t make it to Vegas this year, here are some of the highlights from one of our guest speakers yesterday.

Greg Mack: Self-Esteem and Sales

Greg Mack—sales guru—absolutely came to life on the stage. Polished and poised, he’s impossible not to listen to.

What’s stopping you from going out in the world and talking to people? From picking up the phone and telling a stranger how you can help them, he asked the group rhetorically.

“People are everywhere. They’re wandering around your neighbourhood right now. (To capture them) we have to to learn effective communication skills and interview skills,” he said. “We need the skill set to get around the sketchy, hesitant, doubtful, not trusting human being when they’re interacting with someone who thinks wants their money.”

What’s stopping your from doing this usually comes down to you, not them, Mack reiterated.

More specifically, your self-esteem and your value system prevents you from getting better at connecting with, and selling, people on what you have to offer.

Something inside you is scared to go into the world and talk to people, he explained.

“I don’t know, I just don’t like it. It makes me feel weird,” Mack said of what people usually tell him why they don’t like the idea of talking to strangers and making sales.

“It’s because something in your value system is being attacked if you called a stranger and said, ‘Hey I’ve got the secret,’” he added.

He challenges gym owners and coaches to look deep within, to re-evaluate some of your values to determine whether they’re outdated, and to consciously separate your identity from the roles and responsibilities of selling. And then, most importantly, learn how to stop anything that happens during a sales transaction from affecting your self-esteem.

“(You do this by) protecting your self-esteem by knowing yourself at the deepest level and being crystal clear about your value system and its influence on your thinking and behaviour,” he said.

“Successful professionals can control their own emotional responses to transaction with other humans by keeping their self-esteem intact, and protected, during difficult and challenging circumstances.”

Day 2 continues today!

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