Don’t just produce content: Produce content that will help your business

In a world where every business seems to put out a blog, it’s easy as a gym owner to think, ‘What’s the point?’

There is a point.

Creating content on your website—blogs, videos etc—and sharing them on social media is a great way to strengthen your current community of clients, as well as to bring in new clients. Useful content production does three main things:

•Helps build and solidify your brand

•Adds value to your current community

•Establishes your business as a credible voice to your prospective market

Here are some tips to delivering useful content to your people:

1. Blog with a purpose

Each piece of content you produce should fall into one of the following categories:

•Entertainment (Humor, humor, humor. Make your community laugh. If you’re not funny, hire someone who is).

•Informative (For example, a blog about a relevant or controversial new academic study).

•Educational (For example, a video providing tips to prep your wrist joints on a big handstand day).

•Generates Discussion (Get people thinking, talking or arguing. Controversial subjects that get people emotional are a great way to do this).

2. Know your audience(s)

Ask yourself who you’re producing content for. For a gym owner, content should be produced for two major audiences: Your current clients and prospective clients. Make sure each piece of content you produce is designed to resonate with a group of people related to your business.

3. Cover broad range

I like to create a schedule for myself each week, with each blog covering a different topic. Topics that work well for our audience include:

•Nutrition (From nutrition tips, to a list of the best restaurants in your city, to noteworthy nutrition news, to an amazing recipe, your audience likes to eat, and likes to eat healthy. Becoming a great nutrition source for them will add a ton of value to their experience at your gym).

•Health (Similar to nutrition, your audience is interested in being as healthy as possible. Use your content to steer them in the right direction).

•Member feature (Your blog is the perfect place to celebrate your clients successes. They will share it with their friends on social media, and before you know it you’ve picked up two new clients).

•Training (Though they come to the gym to receive your training expertise, providing them additional information in the form of relevant videos or articles is only going to help them be even more successful in the gym).

Of course, don’t limit yourself to the above four topics. Lifestyle pieces, satirical pieces, and pure entertainment pieces also go a long way in getting people to engage and feel a part of a fun community.

At the end of the day, the most important thing with content production is that you’re putting out consistent, relevant, high-quality content. When you do this, you’ll be amazed how well your content works for your business.

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