Neal Thompson of CrossFit Boston is Coming Back From the Dead!

Neal Thompson’s CrossFit Boston has been around since the early days. His gym was the first in New England and the 21st affiliate in the world.

There were moments where money was rolling to CrossFit Boston, but like most gyms, he started pushing the Moosecock Group Exercise Model hard. And as the story goes for so many, Moosecock inevitably leads to burnout and, well, just not enough money.

“We were on the moosecock model peaking at $55k monthly revenue, once, and then a steady decline to almost sub $20K,” Thompson revealed.  “I was about to have to file for bankruptcy.”

In one final effort, he decided to reach out to MadLab before throwing in the towel. And when he did, it gave him a renewed hope.

First thing he did was implement more personal training. “Our revenues shot back up to mid-$30k and mid-$40k’s monthly,” he said of the immediate success.

“The personal training requirement has made a huge difference in the quality of our classes and the rate at which members improve,” he said.

He’s a believer again.

“Next year I hope to be in the $60-$70k monthly range, while reducing my coaching hours to 10 hours per week,” Thompson said.



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