MadLab’s Prescription for a Great Life

Have you ever asked yourself why being fit is important?

Is it just for the sake of being fit? Just for the sake of being able to boast a huge back squat number or an improved 1 mile run time? Or for the sake of being able to win that local fitness competition?

Sure, it’s fun to watch your numbers improve and fun to feel proud of your physical gains, but if that’s all fitness is for you—for the sake of being fit—we think you’re missing the big picture.

Nutts Cup 2014

How much you could snatch in your 20s just isn’t going to matter to you when you’re old and grey

We believe being fit is important because it means you’ll live a happier, healthier life, both inside, and more importantly, outside of the gym. This is where our prescription for a great life comes in—designed so our clients and coaches can be their best selves. So they can put their health and fitness to use in life. So they can live great lives.

We believe living a great life means you’re generally physically prepared for anything life might throw your way.

Our ultimate goal is longevity. We want you to be the star of your late-night hockey league at 40. We don’t want you to have to hesitate and question your abilities before going on an four-hour hike with your grandchildren at 65. And at 85, we want you living independently, doing your own housework and going for walks, maybe even runs. In other words, we want you to remain fit, healthy and vital enough to avoid the old-age home and the hospital.


David is in his 70s and has been training at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver for almost five years

Achieving this general physical preparedness (GPP), though, doesn’t just happen on its own: It’s something you need to train for. This is where our Prescription for a Great Life comes in:

The MadLab Prescription

1. Follow the Code for Fitness 2 to 3 times a week:

We suggest you train and perform functional movements two to three times a week in either a one-on-one environment with a coach, or in a group setting.

You’ll receive constant help and feedback from our professional coaches, one of whom will become your coach for life. Your personal coach will help you attack your physical and mental limitations, and will work with you to continually improve your fitness—namely your strength, power, skills, endurance and mobility.

Most of our clients also choose to attend group classes each week. The group environment allows you to sweat it out and socialize with friends. The social environment of our group classes is one of they keys to fostering a healthy community of people constantly looking to improve themselves—and also a great community in which to raise a family.


Lifting weights is just part of the puzzle for a great life

2. Clean Eating (90% of the time):

Your coach will also help you with a healthy nutrition plan.

Although diets will differ from person to person depending on your wants and needs, we believe for optimal health, your diet should consist of whole, unprocessed foods 90% of the time. The other 10% simply means it’s ok—emotionally healthy even—to have a beer or a piece of cake from time to time.


If you can pick it straight from the earth, or from a tree, it’s probably pretty healthy

3. Play a Sport at Least Once a Week/Try a New Sport Once a Year

Your newfound fitness through following our Code for Fitness will make sports fun again.

We believe it’s important to use your functional fitness in a fun or competitive sporting environment outside of the gym. Join a hockey or basketball league in the winter, or a beach volleyball or Ultimate team in the summer: The important thing is to put your fitness to use.

We also believe it’s important to keep challenging yourself with new sports, be it golf, tennis or surfing—that you should try one new sport each year.

spike ball men

Ever tried Spike Ball?

4. Get out in Nature at Least Once a Week

Once again, your newfound fitness will make active outdoor activities fun again. Not only that, but breathing fresh air in nature is known to be therapeutic to the soul.

Rock climbing, hiking, camping, skiing or surfing are all great options, some of which we embark on together as a community.


Gym family beach day!

5. Embark on an Adventure at Least Once a Year

Although everyone has a different definition of the word ‘adventure,’ the key here is to constantly challenge yourself to try new things: It will keep you feeling forever young.

Whether this means signing up to learn a new language or a cooking course, or going on a backpacking trip in South America, we believe no matter how old or how young you are, it’s important to experience new, educational, enlightening, fun, challenging, memorable adventures. It’s up to you to decide what your adventure looks like.


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