MadLab’s 7th Law of Gymmin: Coach Co-op

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A coach co-op means coaches are responsible for pretty much all the aspects of running a business—their own scheduling, programming, billing, website posting. Essentially this frees the business owner up from being bogged down with minor details to work on big picture business development (or whatever aspect of your business needs most attention).

It looks like this:

1. Teams of established morning and evening coaches (the same coach shouldn’t coach the 6 a.m. and the 6 p.m. class—that’s a recipe for quick burnout) pool their clients together for group classes, each sharing in the coaching responsibilities

2. Established coaches should average 6-8 hours of Group classes/week, and 15-18 hours of Personal Training sessions/week (coaching the same group class through the same workout more than twice a day usually means coaching quality suffers, so we limit our coaches to 2 group classes a day, maximum 8 classes per week) 

3. Established coaches take-home pay in this system should range from $5,000 to $10,000/month (market dependant) (see coach compensation model for more details here)

(Coach Co-op will be a link to the text below:)

In short, Law #7 says:

1. When coaches are responsible for covering variable costs,

2. Scheduling and sharing the group class load (6-8 group classes each week),

3. Programming,

4. Billing,

5. Blogging and social media:

Coaches are more likely to save the business money (and themselves ) by avoiding middle management and waste (since theyre responsible for variable coststhings like chalk, whiteboard pens, cleaning) (the business covers the fixed costsrent, hydro, heat)

Coaches are more invested in the business as they have the freedom to come up with their own schedules, policies, ideas and creations. As a result, theyre more likely to stick around and become career coaches. 

Business owners save time, as their coaches are responsible to manage themselves, so the business owner can focus on the most important areas of the business, avoiding burnout in the process.

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