The MadLab Group does the Wodcast Podcast with Andy Petranek

Moose, Big Red, Sherman, and JJ recently stopped by The Wodcast Podcast to record an episode with our friend and MadLab Group member Andy Petranek. If you are a gym/affilaite owner or coach, and want to make professional money in the gym/functional fitness business, you need to listen to this episode.

What do we mean by professional money? Simple put, enough to buy a  house, raise a family, and be generally financially secure (market dependant of course). If your current employment or business model can not support this – because you’re capped by how many hours are in a day, or how many members attend your classes etc. – it might be time to consider shifting to a sustabable and profitable model that looks out for the well-being of Coach, Client, and Owner.


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