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After a 10-hour day of coaching, dealing with the City about your sign permit, fixing the chain on an Assault bike, calming down a stressed out client, and programming next month’s training plan, you head home and remember it’s Tuesday: The day you normally write and post a blog to pump on social media.


It’s the last thing you feel like doing, so you push it to tomorrow.

The cycle continues, and a blog rarely gets posted.

The pressure for any business to create an online presence nowadays is enough to stress out any business owner. And let’s face it, not everyone loves or understands social media, and even less people are interested in blogging. If writing is not your strength, why not contract it out? Let a professional writer do it for you via our blog service.

Before we get into how our blog service will help you, here’s some advice if you’re keen on producing your own content:

Blogging is like training: Each piece should have an intended stimulus!

Many times when people write, they just vomit words onto a page without a clear intention. Sentence to sentence, paragraph to paragraph should flow in a logical order—that makes sense to the reader so he isn’t left wondering, ‘Why am I reading this?’ More importantly, each blog should have a big picture intention. For simplicity’s sake, each of your pieces should do one of the following:

If you’re thinking, ‘Screw that, this blogging this just isn’t for me,’ here’s some information about the MadLab blog service:

How it will help you:

1. Time saver for the owner/coaches 

2. Brand building through consistent and relevant content delivered to your local audience

3. Builds your social media reach to help attract new members to your gym

4. Value add—informative and community-building-content—for your current members

After just one month of the service, Brendan Kelly said this: “Website hits are up significantly due to the blog posts! Thanks.”

What you will receive with this service:

You will receive 3 blogs each week relevant to your brand, your members and your prospective members (blogs will be 500 to 1,000-words on topics, such as movement, training, lifestyle, health, nutrition, client success stories, and any other story-ideas YOU will have the opportunity to pitch to us).

Cost: $129/month

If it’s not for you and you’re keen on producing your own content, kudos to you! Either way, put yourself out there!

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