It’s time to celebrate some of our members’ 2016 successes

As we often say, Gymmin Ain’t easy!

Gym owners are some of the hardest working people we know. One of our prime objectives is to help them, their coaches and their clients be successful. Often times, we shy away from talking about money. But the truth is, you need money to live a good life. So, it’s time to celebrate some of our members’ financial successes in 2016!

Over in Georgia, the Thornton family saw the benefits of their hard work pay off:

“As encouragement for those starting out and those still going at it…best month in the history of the gym by 28%. We have been doing MadLab for 3 years now. Continual progress everyday.”Hunter Thornton of Cumming Strength and Fitness

So did Carl Brenton in the Cayman Islands…

Josh Earleywine in Wisconsin is another who reaped the benefits…

“We have been part of MadLab for about 6 months now and things are working out even better than I could have hoped for. Just crunched some numbers and I’ve brought in more than $7,500 in PT the last 30 days alone. Gotta admit that I was a bit skeptical at first about how I was going to sell huge PT packages to people in an already saturated fitness market, but it’s working.” – Josh Earleywine at Sanctify Fitness

Tom Sarosi at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver proved being one of the hardest working coaches we know can earn you loyal clients and a professional wage, too:

Big keys to his success were buying into the concept of being a coach for life, and becoming the KING of getting his clients on board with hybrid memberships!

Down the street in Maple Ridge, Pete and Trina Chickloski got their hope back in 2016…

“Our revenue the month we started MadLab was about $8,000. Once you paid lease, power, visa, insurance etc…, it left us with nothing. My wife and I handle all the classes ourselves. 31 hours of class time per week, plus all the behind the scenes stuff like cleaning and managing the company. We were burnt out.-Pete Chickloski of Create Athletic Club.

Burnt out, they almost closed up shop, but decided to give it one last effort with MadLab. The result: One month in, their revenue increased to $12,000 and the next month, it increased to $13,500.

From Vancouver to Boston, the MadLab effect indeed took hold in 2016…

And it didn’t end in North America. Over in Sweden, Jan Clingston is also seeing results…


BRING ON 2017!

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