Bodyshop CrossFit – Trust Between Coaches

Brad Hall and Troy Boot are the owners of Bodyshop CrossFit in West Kelowna, B.C. They’ve been involved with Madlab Group since September 2011.

Before September 2011, Brad admits he was doing almost everything wrong. “We had no personal training. We were throwing people right into classes. I was a one-man show. I had no other staff. I did all the classes. From janitor to payroll to the computer work like Facebook, I was working 35 hours on the floor and doing everything else,” Brad said. At the time, he was spending a total of 65 to 70 hours a week on his business.

And today?

“I’m working a lot less than I used to. Probably 20 hours on the floor,” he said with a smile.

Looking at his numbers, in the last year, Bodyshop’s revenue is up $10,000 to $15,000 per month, not to mention personal training sales and retention.

“The single biggest thing Madlab has done for us is the personal training. One-on-one training is about building relationships with people. It’s just a better way to do it, Brad said.

The second biggest thing for Brad has been getting the right people on board with him. He not only has his business partner Troy, he also has some seriously talented apprentice coaches.

Janelle Brine is one of them.

When Brine arrived at Bodyshop, Brad sat down and showed her the numbers he learned from the Madlab Group – which essentially shows the road to making a professional wage upward of $75,000 per year. In that moment, Janelle’s eyes lit up. She was 100% on board.

“She could really see where this could go,” Brad said of Janelle.

Brine started her shadowing in September 2013 and has been on Madlab’s compensation model since Day 1. She’s been watching her pay cheque grow every month in her first year.

In terms of implementing an apprenticeship program, Madlab’s Online Library – with its constantly evolving wealth of coaching and business information – has been crucial for bringing on new coaches like Janelle. It has given them a proper template for raising coaches, as opposed to just throwing them into the fire.

And it has allowed Janelle to really understand the system she now embraces. “It’s been a really great process. I like to believe I’m moving up pretty quickly,” said Janelle.

What she is most excited about is the day she’ll be able to call herself a professional coach. “I wouldn’t be able to call myself a professional coach at another CrossFit gym. I’d just be able to say I coach at a CrossFit gym part-time,” she said. But at Bodyshop, she’s becoming a successful entrepreneur building her business from the ground up.

Brad believes this concept of building your own business is what’s best for coach retention. “I think if you give it away they don’t really respect it and they won’t work that hard for it. I had to do this myself. I started with no paycheque and it took me a while to get here. And I feel they’ll respect the process if they have to walk in those same shoes,” he said.

Brad added: “My coaches have zero interest in going anywhere else. They can create their own business within our box. They want to stay and be a part of what we’ve got going on here.”

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