3 reasons to graduate clients to classes with physical benchmarks

One of MadLab’s business model principles is the concept of graduating new clients to group classes via physical benchmarks.

In other words, the number of personal training sessions clients do before they’re released to group classes is dictated by their abilities.

Why do we do it this way?

3 Reasons to graduate clients to group classes via physical benchmarks

3. Safety first

If someone is so decrepit he can’t hold a score of 8 on Tabata squats, for example, how well will this client do in classes? Similarly, if someone can’t remember the difference between a shoulder press, a push press, and a jerk, how much of a liability will he be in a group class setting?

While the output scores we require are negotiable to a certain extent, we have discovered when clients reach our benchmarks before we release them to group classes, they are more successful in class.

Here is a snapshot of our benchmarks:

2. Client respect for the process

When clients know they won’t be allowed to start group classes until they reach a certain physical level—and until they can retain the information they learn in personal training—they become motivated to work harder to get there.

Group classes become something they need to earn, and people always appreciate things they earn more than things they’re given for free.

1. Clear-cut guidelines

You never want to make people question your integrity when it comes to a financial transaction. If you just tell a client they’re not ready for classes and they need to pay an additional $500 for personal training, they could start to question whether you’re just trying to get more money out of them. Being able to point to very clear physical benchmarks makes it clear to the client why they’re not ready, and helps them understand exactly what you expect from them before they can graduate.

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